March 30, 2001

(email subject: publisher is reading novel)

Thank you for your interest in the publishing of my novel, Desert Medicine.

The bad news: I've faced a rash of rejections from agents and editors. Ten agents have declined representation (three based on a reading of the entire manuscript, seven on the basis of a cover letter and sample chapter).Seven editors have rejected the book (one read the entire manuscript, while the others passed based on a query packet that my husband and I hand-delivered to New York publishers over a three-day period in the middle of February).

The good news: an editor at Simon & Schuster requested a copy of the  novel, which I sent to her via FedEx for delivery on Tuesday, March 27.  This  editor also edits my writing mentor's novels, which may explain her interest.

Please say a little prayer for me as I go through this need-a-thick-skin  process of trying to sell my novel.

Love, Judy

Judy goes to New York to meet editors and agents in February 2001.

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