January 29, 2001

(email subject: novel as e-book)

Thank you for your interest in the publishing of my novel, Desert Medicine.

Unfortunately, a New York agent who was highly recommended to me declined to  represent the novel. She did, however, write some glowing things:

  • I read Desert Medicine with interest and admiration
  • You are an abundantly gifted writer and your mastery and lyricism are impressive
  • Laurelle and Rhoda are believable, sympathetic and convincingly realized  characters
  • Rhodaís story is especially poignant

Iíve sent out query letters to five other agents. Finding an agent may be a prolonged process, as the world of fiction publishing is very competitive.

In the meantime, Iíve taken my manuscript and made it into an e-book, which  is an electronic version of the book (a PDF file) that can be viewed on your computer screen or printed out.

Iím selling the e-book on my web site for $12.95, but as co-workers, if you're interested in a copy, it's yours for only $10. You can  send a check to Judy Alexander, P.O. Box 10735, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Post your review of the book in the guestbook on my web site (www.judyalexander.com).

Please tell your friends about Desert Medicine and direct them to my web site where they can order their own copies.

Thanks again for your support of the arts.

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