Dear friends and family,

Since Judy again taught a night class this fall (Studies in Public Relations at Concordia University in Irvine), she’s in the test-writing mode. Find out how much you know, or can guess, about the Alexander family:

1. Gene, Judy, and Justin took a vacation to China this summer that included the following from Judy’s side of the family:

a.  1 mom
b.  4 brothers
c.  1 sister
d.  8 nieces and nephews
e.  an assortment of sibling spouses and in-laws
f.  all of the above

2. The China vacation to Harbin and Beijing was scheduled because Judy’s Baby Brother Brandon:

a.  Lives in Harbin, China, where he works for a furniture manufacturer owned by Middle Brother Eirik.
b.  On July 8 married a beautiful young Russian woman, Lena, a student of languages, whom he met in China.
c.  Chose to spend his honeymoon in Beijing with 20 family members, including Mom.
d.  all of the above

3. To prepare for the family vacation, Gene:

a.  Pleaded to stay home.
b.  Cracked jokes and asked distracting questions (How do you eat soup with chop sticks?) during pre-trip Mandarin lessons.
c.  Had his passport photo taken three times, hoping for a photo that would disqualify him from foreign travel.
d.  Resigned himself to going to China and packed $150 in one-dollar bills for use in bargaining for cheap Mao watches.
e.  all of the above

4. While in China for the family vacation, Gene:

a.  Purchased 15 cheap watches featuring Mao’s face and a military-saluting second hand.
b.  Filmed six video hours of the chaotic traffic.
c.  Witnessed tigers attacking a calf, ducks and chickens at the Tiger Park in Harbin.
d.  all of the above

5. To avoid having to get a real job, upon completing a great season on UCSD’s tennis team and graduating from college in June with a degree in economics, Erik:

a.  Joined the Finnish army for six months, camping for 12 days at a time in the snow. He reached the level of corporal as a machine gun operator who sits with his head and chest exposed above the frame of the transport vehicle that travels for hours in the frigid Nordic air. He looks forward to returning to California in late January and thawing out.
b.  Reignited a romantic relationship with a German girlfriend, Julikka, requiring visits to her home country that would be difficult if he were tied down by a full-time career.
c.  Phoned home from Europe weekly, hoping for parental offers to supplement his Finnish army pay which equals enough Euros for an occasional donut and cup of coffee, or if he saves for several weeks, a train trip to visit grandparents.
d.  all of the above

6. To keep his parents off balance, Justin:

a.  Inexplicably raised his grades as a freshman in high school.
b.  Grew an inch every night (almost).
c.  Developed a near-constant addiction to instant messaging, his communication link to “friends” (code word for “girls”).
d.  all of the above

7. To avoid housework and other domestic responsibilities, Judy:

a.  Worked a day job at Ameriquest.
b.  Apprenticed as a wedding photographer.
c.  Continued writing fiction.
d.  All of the above

8. This Christmas, the Alexander family wishes you:

a. The love of Jesus, whose birth we celebrate.
b.  A chance to share Jesus’ love with others.
c.  The wisdom to boldly use your talents and to be thankful in all circumstances.
d.  All of the above

The Alexander family

P.S. Judy’s novel Desert Medicine will finally be published! Kregel Publications will bring out the book in August 2007!

(Answer key: For each question, the correct response is “all of the above.”)

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